Author: Ronica E. Akins

Ronica Akins is the founder of REA Solution Consultancy Ltd which specialises in preparing Order For Sale Court Applications in jointly owned property disputes. Her aim is to empower people by giving them a cost effective alternative. This alternative enables them to submit their court application and represent themselves in court in order to get the joint property issues resolved. They can then sever the tie and finally move on with their lives.

IT’S OVER……. Book

IT’S OVER……. Book

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A dispute may arise when the relationship between joint owners breaks down and one joint owner wants to sell the property, or be bought out, but the other joint owner does not agree.

If agreement cannot be reached then a stalemate arises which could go on for months or even years. Surveys show that the main reason why the issue does not get to court is because of unaffordable legal costs.

While the courts have a broad jurisdiction to achieve fairness on divorce, when the parties are not married the strict law of property and trusts apply - Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA). More info →
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